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Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile. I’m no longer able to upload pictures from mobile because the tumblr app fucking sucks. I get a lot of messages asking for more of Sarah, so she sent these to hold you guys over until our next photo shoot which will be done with proper cameras and not just my phone.

Just a reminder that Ariel has dropped the price of her shoe/sock removal video to 10$. Make a payment to ariel.soleexperience@gmail.com and the video will be emailed to you.
Ariels Videos

Ariel has decided to drop the price of her custom videos down to 10$ each. We have only filmed her shoe removal/sock strip video so far, but we will be filming more soon. If you’d like to purchase the shoe removal video, make a payment of 10$ to ariel.soleexperience@gmail.com via paypal, and the video will be sent to you via the email address attached to your paypal.

Anonymous said: who is breAnna? she has her own page?

She used to be a popular tumblr foot model and had her own blog called sweetestsole. She says she’ll come back to tumblr if she can scrape together enough money for a new computer.

Screenshots from Ariels shoe/sock removal video. To purchase the clip send 20$ via paypal to ariel.soleexperience@gmail.com. The video will then be sent to you via the email attached to your paypal account.

Ariels video.

If you would like to purchase Ariels 10 minute shoe/sock removal video, her paypal email is ariel.soleexperience@gmail.com. Make a payment of twenty dollars and we will send the video to you via email ASAP. We will be filming more videos soon, all of them twenty dollars for 10 minutes.

Anonymous said: Which model has the most ticklish feet?


Tessa refused to not make silly faces.

Anonymous said: Do you think any of the girls would take some pictures together? The more feet the better!

Just happened. I’ll be posting some pics of Tessa and Lauren together in a bit.

"Take a picture of yourself giving me a foot massage for your blog!"

pugtaco said: Damn, yo - BreAnna ice cold.


pugtaco said: I have a sneaking suspicion that BreAnna quote is fake. Just maybe.

I never lie about a models response to a message.

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