--> The Sole Experience
Hanging out with Lauren tonight.
Fun fact: Ariel was terrified of having her feet touched or even looked at before she met me. A few foot massages later and here she is.
Took some pics of Ariel on my phone tonight.

This is my friend Segen. She was one of two friends who encouraged me to start my blog, but she never wanted to show her soles because she thinks they’re ugly. Today she finally decided to say fuck it and sent this!

I painted Ariel’s toes and did a terrible job.
Soon I’m gonna do a proper shoot with Ariel and it will be amazing.

foot-models asked: Hey. I was just wondering why Sarah deactivated her blog?

She deactivated it for personal reasons that I’m not gonna share with 2,500 people. She is going to continue to model for my blog though so don’t worry, she’s not gone forever!

photofan222 asked: Hi is Sarah still doing modeling and Skype shows?

No Skype shows, but she’ll be modelling again soon!

aaeris asked: I look drunk in that last post so thx for that :P

Makes sense, considering the fact that you actually were drunk. Also you still owe me for that bottle of wine brah.

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